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Your private Nashville showcase with industry representatives includes private screening and showcase in front of industry representatives, followed by a luncheon and plenty of time to speak with record labels, producers, promoters, and management. "Showcase in a bar? Industry doesn't show up! Private showcase? Industry is there!"

Showcasing in Nashville can be approached several ways, from do-it-yourself writer nights and open mic nights, to staged productions with promotion and industry invitations. What you choose depends on your goals and your budget. It can be very expensive to attract the attention of key people in major entertainment centers like Nashville, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

The average cost of a Nashville showcase you do yourself, with proper promotion and leg work, is $8,000 to $13,000. It will take 7 - 10 days in Nashville. SSN private showcase is in the $3000 range.

To garner industry attention, you need (a) the right people to know you exist and (b) you need them to come see you play. An excellent alternative to do-it-yourself showcases which will save you thousands of dollars, is to attend a sponsored event which draws industry personnel and offers career support. You won't have to worry about location, staging, sound, or event promotion.

Private Screening Showcases

Sing to a live band or CD tracks
Showcase in front of personally invited Nashville music industry representatives and VIPs
Enjoy catered luncheon with industry followed by personal time with labels, producers, promoters, and agents
Option to record in a multi-million dollar Nashville studio the same day

Who attends
Guaranteed industry attendance includes five to seven record labels, Grammy-nominated producers, managers and promoters, booking agent representatives, and three to eight publishers.

What's the cost?
Select the desired options for your private screening showcase.
Basic Private Showcase -
    Private showcase in a Nashville studio; catered luncheon for 25; personal meetings with industry following the luncheon. ($3495)

Live 5-piece Nashville band - Seven Nashville 'A list' session players who tour and record with star acts, backing you live. (est. $850 and up. Inquire for quote.)

Live recording of your showcase - $FREE$

Record in master session - Record, with producer, in a Grammy-winning state of the art Nashville studio and take home your master session recording.
    1 song with Nashville master session players - (est. $1230)
    2 songs with Nashville master session players - (est. $2150)
    3 songs with Nashville master session players - (est. $3250)

Music video of your showcase performance - Video with DVD and VHS copies, and showing on TV.
    Promotional only video DVD, VHS - ($495)
    GAC/VH1/CMT/BET style video, submission to GAC, BET, CMT, MTV, and other cable TV outlets, delivery on DVD - ($10,000 and up) (Allow one week minimum for meetings and shoots.)

Sign up
Contact Trowbridge Symposium - Star Search Nashville® to make arrangements for your Private Showcase. 50% advance deposit by certified check or wire transfer is required. Telephone (615)504.8432 or (615)902.0509 and say you are interested in the Private Screening - Private Showcase in Nashville Tennessee.

Also available: Hollywood-style photo shoot, artist promotion, CDs, and conferences with industry representatives. (Inquire)

*We recommend gospel, country, pop, R&B, and world/roots acts for industry appointments and meetings at our discretion, no extra charge.
*Executives and agents are looking for new talent! They will sign talent if they like what they hear.
*Over 67% (two thirds) of our showcasees sign contracts as a result of their Private Screening - Private Showcase.
*Bring press kits, business cards, and CDs to give out.


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