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Are you an working music professional, educator, or company who would like to participate in a rewarding national event engendering the arts? Do you have good leadership and organization skills?

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All secondary schools are invited to participate in the Trowbridge Symposium - Star Search Nashville. Held annually in July in Nashville Tennessee, the Symposium is a talent discovery and arts nurturing event.

The Symposium is calling all teachers and civic-minded individuals involved with talented music and arts students with career potential to help their students apply for showcases now. The showcase event sports workshops in hit songwriting, career development, vocal coaching, career counseling, and music business topics.

All ages adult and youth may apply in either career class or youth/student class. (See   for details.)

Showcase Categories
Artist/Singer Showcases
Country, Americana
Latin, jazz
R&B, soul, hiphop*
Pop, rock, AC
Songwriter Showcases
Country, Americana
Latin, jazz
R&B, soul, hiphop*
Pop, rock, AC
*[No gangsta rap. The Symposium is a family event.]

Prizes and Awards
Talent scouts - last year eight participants signed publishing and artist development deals, and three more are in recording contract negotiations. One duo received a Grammy Award nomination for 'Song of the Year'.
TV/video Filming - broadcast online and some years to Tennessee TV
BET/CMT style music video - for "Best of Show" Trophy winner
Music Row Recording Sessions - Trophy and award winners win free recording sessions in multimillion dollar Music Row studio(s) in Nashville Tennessee.
Cash and Goody Awards - TBA, including goodies and other valuable stuff.
Vocal Coaching and Career Counseling

Application Information
Students may complete the Application online, or they may print and mail it. Instructions are online at

There is a non-refundable application fee per showcase category, with a maximum of two (2) showcases allowed per applicant. Applicants submit an EPK, online, or hard copy review packet with bio, picture, and CD of their work. Approved applicants register for showcases.

Showcase slots are 15 minutes in length, on a 12 x 16 stage with lights and sound with TV/video filming and CD recording. Location is a ballet room, performance hall, or ballroom.

General Admission
Family and friends may attend all showcases, career workshops, and exhibits with General Admission passes. Everyone attends the Sunday Awards Show for just $5.

Frequently Asked Questions - How To Apply

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