Trowbridge Symposium 2004

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Symposium Programme 2004
Union Station Hotel, Nashville Tennessee August 6 - 8 and *FREE* Mix-down Monday
Symposium Lodging - Union Station Hotel

[This is the final Programme. Symposium determines schedules and reserves the right to change Programme at any time. Schedules subject to change thru August 3.]

TV filming by Nashville On Stage - all three days           FREE refreshments & goodies

Music video filming by V2 Productions all three days
        "Best of Show" wins a Music Video [$4000.00 value]
        "Best Song" wins a Publishing contract [priceless]
        All trophies win a Music Row recording session [1/2 day session - value $425.00]

Digital showcase videos by Nashville On Stage - order online and cash only at event.
Live Hollywood-style publicity shoots & consultation.

Showcases are 12 - 15 minutes each. Prepare 3 - 4 songs per showcase. If you are chosen as a finalist, you will perform one song Sunday morning. Awards show Sunday ~1:00 pm

Individual Vocal Coaching and personal Career Counseling in groups. Choose a group time in the morning or evening for more personal attention.

Finalist and trophy segments are filmed and televised at the director's discretion. (Showcase at least one song with guitar/key, or acoustic instruments, or CD track for best video results.)

  1. State your name and category. ("Hi, I'm Kathy Kameraredi and I'm a gospel singer" or "My name is Calabash Rice, I'm from Toledo, and I write country music.")
  2. Time your songs with a stopwatch or second hand before choosing your showcase selections. You will be cut off at your showcase time limit if you're still singing or playing.
  3. Dress for comfort and for show. TV filming is in progress throughout the event. We see everything from jeans to gowns.
  4. August weather in Nashville is usually in the 90's and humidity is high.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids and take it easy on your voice/hands. Relax and have fun. Let your light shine.

THIS IS THE *FINAL* programme.
[Subject to change thru Aug. 3]

Friday Aug 06
[8:00 - 10:30a - Exhibit & sound setup]

11:00n Event Commencement - "Louisville + Nashville" Ballroom, 1'st floor
        Check in and registration
12:00n Refreshments and Reception - Orientation George McClure, CEO
        Announcement - Judging, Trophies, and Prizes staff

1:00p - 1:45p SEMINAR (MB 201) - "The Importance of Self-Promotion for Music Professionals" Kari Estrin Mgmt & Promotion

1:45p Jeff Jackson (STUDENT, Writer, Pop/Rock/AC)
2:00p Rachel Holder (STUDENT, Talent, Country)
2:15p Leah Marks (STUDENT, Talent, Country)
2:30p Emily Summerhays (STUDENT, Talent, R&B/hiphop)
2:45p Stosha Thrift *14 yrs (Career, Talent, Country)

3:00p - 3:30p Workshop (MB 101) - "Recording The Right Demo For You" rc / TBA

3:30p - 4:15p Personal Vocal Coaching Stephen Nix | Personal Career Counseling TBA

4:15p Johnny Colorado (Career, Writer, Alt/Country)
4:30p nathalie noroe (Career, Talent, Pop/Rock)
4:45p Marina Lenore (Career, Writer, Pop/Latin/instrumental)
5:00p Yolanda Spencer (Career, Talent, Gospel)
5:15p Diane Smith-Irvin (Career, Talent, Gospel)
5:30p Drew Stevens (Career, Talent, Country)

5:30p Dinner Montfort Rm (pre-registered guests only) - [Order meals]

5:45p Christina Alderson (STUDENT, Talent, Country)
6:00p Nikki Harville *13 yrs (CAREER, Talent, Country)
6:15p Christine Catherine (STUDENT, Talent, Country)

6:30p - 7:00p Personal Vocal Coaching Stephen Nix | Personal Career Counseling TBA

7:00p Melissa Mulligan (Career, Writer, Pop/Rock/AC)
7:15p Sheree Jennings (Career, Talent, Gospel)
7:30p Anita Duvall (Career, Talent, Country)

7:45p - 8:30p SEMINAR (MB 201) (with Q&A) - "What A Manager Can Do For You" Ron Cotton, C&M Mgmt

8:30p Drew Stevens (Career, Writer, Country)
8:45p Deana Linkous (Career, Talent, Gospel)
9:00p Eric Allen (Career, Talent, Country)
9:15p Dana Johnson (Career, Talent, Country)
9:30p Dina Nemes (Career, Talent, Country)
9:45p Debbie Tucker (Career, Talent, Gospel)

10:00 - 10:45p Workshop (MB 101) - "Nashville Number System" Keith Bradford

10:45p Lisa Cole (Career, Talent, Country)
11:00p Julie Parker (Career, Writer, Country)
11:15p Ge'Ana Marlene (Career, Talent, Jazz/Blues)
11:30p Lori Chadwick (Career, Talent, Rock/AC)
11:45p Jaime Maddox (Career, Talent, Country)

11:55p Event Close for the day

Saturday Aug 07

8:00 - 9:00a Breakfast Montfort Rm (pre-registered guests only) - [Order meals]


11:00 - 12:00n Personal Vocal Coaching Nix-It (L+N Ballroom)

12:00n - 1:00p Luncheon Montfort Rm (pre-registered guests only) - [Order meals]

12:00n "380" (Career, Talent, R&B/hiphop)
12:15p The Artist "Mae" (Career, Talent, R&B/hiphop)
12:30p Samara Lynn (Career, Talent, Country)
12:45p Emily Summerhays (STUDENT, Talent, R&B/hiphop)
1:00p Stosha Thrift *14 yrs (Career, Talent, Country)

1:15p ANNOUNCEMENT - Judging, Trophies, and Prizes TBA

1:15 - 1:45p "Your press / publicity kit" (MB 101) gm / TBA

1:45p Ge'Ana Marlene (Career, Writer, R&B)
2:00p Linda Dousay (Career, Writer, Country)
2:15p Dawn Christ (Career, Talent, Country)
2:30p Kent Schreiber (Career, Writer, Country/Americana)

2:45p - 3:15p Personal Vocal Coaching TBA | Personal Career Counseling Location L+N Ballroom

3:15p Lara Mitchell (Career, Writer, Country)
3:30p Natalie Robison (Career, Writer, Country)
3:45p Deana Linkous (Career, Talent, Pop/AC)

4:00 - 4:30p SEMINAR (MB201) - "Digital Versus Analog Recording" Richard Adler, Grammy-winning engineer

4:30p RAFFLE DRAWING: Grand Ole Opry Raffle - WIN 2 TICKETS FOR SATURDAY NIGHT OPRY! [L+N Ballroom stage]

4:45p Eric Allen (Career, Writer, Country)
5:00p Dana Johnson (Career, Writer, Country)
5:15p Chris Degnore (Career, Talent, Pop/AC/Rock)
5:30p Chris Degnore (Career, Writer, Pop/AC/Rock)

5:45p ANNOUNCEMENT - Judging, Trophies, and Prizes TBA

6:00p [Ballroom setup]

6:30 - 7:30p SYMPOSIUM: "BREAKING THE RECORD LABEL BARRIER" - in the Symposium series "Succeeding In This Business Of Music" - everyone is invited - Banquet guests take table seats - [Billy Holland - VP Cupit Records, Ron Cotton - C&M Mgmt, George McClure - CEO, others TBA] - Location L+N Ballroom or Montfort Rm TBA

7:30 - 8:30p BANQUET DINNER - (pre-registered guests only) - L+N Ballroom TBA [Order meals]

8:30p Grand Ole Opry shuttle/rides: group and depart L+N Ballroom, registration area

8:30p Anita Duvall (Career, Talent, Country/Americana)
8:45p Melissa Deaton (Career, Talent, Country)
9:00p Debbie Tucker (Career, Talent, Gospel)
9:15p Julie Parker (Career, Writer, Country)
9:30p John Skinner (Career, Talent, Country/Americana)

9:30 - 10:00p Personal Career Counseling TBA | Personal Vocal Coaching Stephen Nix

9:45p setup
10:00p Chris Allen Band (Career, Talent, Gospel)
10:15p Chris Allen Band (Career, Writer, Gospel)
10:30p breakdown / setup
10:45p Sheridan Olin Band (Career, Talent, Country)
11:00p breakdown/setup
11:15p Penny Jae Band (Career, Talent, Country/Americana)
11:30p Marina Lenore (Career, Writer, Pop/Latin/instrumental)
11:45p TBA

11:55p Event close for the day

Sunday Aug 08

8:00 - 9:00a Breakfast Montfort Rm. (pre-registered guests only) - L+N Ballroom TBA [Order meals]

9:00 - 10:00a "Oh Come and Sing" Gospel singing workshop and prayer hour TBA

10:00 - 10:30a Workshop (MB 101) - "Being Effective In Stage Performance" ar / TBA

10:30 - 11:00a Workshop (MB 101) - "Royalties and PRO's" sn / TBA

~10:30a ANNOUNCEMENT - Finalists list announcement
~10:30a FINALIST PLAY-OFF - With TV & video filming

12:00n - 1:00p Luncheon Montfort Rm. (pre-registered guests only) - L+N Ballroom TBA [Order meals]

~ 1:00 or 1:30p Awards Presentation
~ 2:30p Closing ceremonies - Group Amazing Grace

Monday Aug 09

"MIX-DOWN MONDAY" in Nashville Tennessee. Free tour of studios, record labels and publishers on Music Row. Buy your own lunch at a Nashville hot spot. TBA. Ask for details at event.

Symposium Sponsors & Exhibitors

SoundWave Studio Nashville On Stage
HotHead Productions
C&M Management
Apco Records

  Kari Estrin Management
KMA Records
Stephen Nix Personal Vocal Coaching
Hollywood Style Photography

SoundWave Studio
Dixiana Studio
Cupit Records
Nix-It Music Publishing

Symposium Volunteer & Staff
Executive - George McClure, Stephen Nix
Staff - Amanda Mark, Andrew, Riffat, Narika, Jeanie, Deb

Programme subject to change through August 04, 2004. Check here for latest updates. Programmes available at event door and in Orientation packets.
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