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Workshops run all three days Friday - Saturday - Sunday. Multiple groups will form when needed. Industry representatives will be present and may sign talent if they like what they hear. Naturally, there are no guarantees.

Workshops coordinated by Songwriters Guild of America. Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI) is providing guest speakers Chuck Cannon and Bart Herbison. REGISTER for workshops FREE at the Symposium AFTER ENTERING.

Bart Herbison (in white, by billboard) leads a workshop

Jerry Cupit, author writer and owner of Cupit Records
Song Critiqueing by Jerry Cupit
Jerry Cupit's writing career spans two decades of hits from Hank Jr through "Jukebox Junkie". Song critiqueing and tips by the author of Nashville Songwriting.
[Friday only]
Group sizes: 5 - 15

Song Critiqueing
Song critiqueing by expert writers and industry representatives. Songwriters Guild of America (SGA)
Casey Kelly, Bob Feldman, Jerry Vandiver.
Group sizes: 5 - 10

Hit Songwriting
Discussion and examples of hit writing, led by Nashville hit writers and experts. [NSAI, SGA]
Leaders: Nashville hit writers via SGA
Pat & Pete Luboff, Kendal Franceschi       also Mike Wheaton, pro D.C. writer and leader of JaLeo
Group size: 5 and up

Bob Feldman (in red, third from left) "Steal it!"

(l - r) Billy Holland, Karen Hawk, Jerry Cupit, Mike Wheaton
Music Business: How To Succeed In This Business Of Music
Discussion of what it takes to be heard and earn recognition by industry representatives. How to succeed in songwriting and recording artist careers. Question and answer sessions.[George McClure]
Group size: any

Music Business: Copyrights and Copyright Law
Discussion of U.S. Copyright Law and your intellectual property. How and when to file. Alternate methods of protecting your songs. Question and answer session.[Trowbridge Publishing]
Group size: 5 - 10

Music Business: PRO'a and Your Royalties
Performing Rights Organizations (PRO's) - How they work and what they do and don't do for you.
Group size: 5 and up

Americana Culture: American Squaredance
History and modern squaredance and folk dance in America. [Agnes Thurner, Author and President Wisconsin Squaredance Society]
Group size: any

Trowbridge Writers Seminar: Directions and Salutations
McClure & Trowbridge Publishing company highlights, new directions, and awards. Discussion. [Trowbridge Associates and Writers only]

Gospel Music
American gospel music and song comprising Southern gospel, gospel soul, contemporary Christian, church music, ... Discussion, examples, critiques. Group size: any

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