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AWARDS SHOW     August 25 2002     Airport Marriott Hotel, Nashville

Best of Show - Trophy
Ilena Garcia - Nashville Latin artist and songwriter. Ilena tours and performs throughout the Southeastern United States.

Best New Talent - Trophy

Waylon Weaver - Atlanta Georgia gospel bluesman. Waylon plays guitar, sings, and writes. He has signed a publishing deal and is negotiating a recording package.

Best Song - Trophy
        Grammy nominated "Song of the Year" [45'th first round "They're All Angels Now"]
John Prue & Fred Prue - MA blues- rock musicians and songwriters known as "Prues Blues". Fred is better known as the former "Freddie and the Freeloaders". The duo is working out a record deal and signed publishing on their winning song "Why I Sing The Blues".

Best Emerging Writer - Trophy

Donnesha Watson - Tampa FL sixteen year old star. Donnesha writes and performs her R&B and gospel songs. McClure & Trowbridge connected Donnesha's mother Janice with major label A&R Vice Presidents in CA, NY, Nashville, and FL.

Trowbridge Achievement Award
Presented to Thomas L. Johnson

"This Trowbridge Achievement Award is presented, in recognition of the writer's civic, career, and humanitarian contributions. It is my pleasure to award Thomas L. Johnson and his "THE BALLAD OF AMERICAN STEEL", the Trowbridge Achievement Award.

"Tom Johnson has addressed and lobbied Congressmen in Washington D.C. concerning the steel crisis in America. Tom performed his "Ballad" at the St. John's Arena, Steubenville OH with Secretary of Commerce Don Evans in the audience.

"Johnson, a veteran steel worker from the Ohio Valley, composed "The Ballad Of American Steel" in 1983, when the U.S. tinplate steel industry was first threatened by price undercutting. His work has spanned three decades of involvement and support for steel workers, their families, and jobs.

Tom nets feature articles in two papers, a live radio interview with talk show host PAT CAMPBELL on WSTV, and receives TV promotion support. See features, left, "Artist Given Honor For Support Of Steel" [Steubenville Star and Weirton Daily Times, 09/15/02]
Update: Tom is singing his "Ballad" with Congressman Ted Strickland in OH and WV.

Category Awards

1'st Place Talent AC/Crossover - Wendy Jans -

Hendersonville TN singer/songwriter. Wendy received offer of connection to legal support and artist development in Nashville.

1'st Place Writer Latin/jazz - Lyn Lickliter - FL, performs from New York City to Miami and writes country and jazz.

1'st Place Writer Adult Contemporary/Rock - Steven McBride - Oak Ridge, TN. McBride is an accomplished artist as well as songwriter, keyboardist, arranger, and singer. McClure & Trowbridge connected Steven with Nashville studios and provided Nashville pointers.

1'st Place Talent Country - Kayla Mae Lauzon - Emo, Ontario, is a twelve year old singer and yodeler who has just started public appearances. Kayla's parents received gratis career counseling.

1'st Place Writer Country - T.J. Houston - Pittsburgh PA, is a writer and club performer in PA. TJ is under review by Virgin, A&M, and other major labels.

1'st Place Talent Country (Traditional) - Rocky - of Houston TX, is launching his career as a singer in Houston, and now plans to relocate to Nashville to pursue singing full time in "Music City".

1'st Place Talent Americana - George Frazier - of the D.C. area, sings in bars and clubs three nights a week, and is now under consideration for a recording project in Nashville.

1'st Place Writer Country Christian - Catherine Ament - of Nashville TN, is an actress, writer, and singer. She appears in lead roles in several independent films and frequents Nashville clubs and writers nights. Cathy received management support.

1'st Place Writer Country - Free Nashville song demo - Mel Long - from Annapolis MD, Mel has one song cut and avidly works his songwriting career.

Other notables:
Owen Frederic received an artist development deal, and signed with Trowbridge Publishing.

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